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KN90 respirator

KN90 respirator is suitable for the industries of non-ferrous metal processing, metallurgy, steel, cooking, gas, organic chemical industry, food processing, construction, decoration, petrochemical, asphalt and other oil and non-oil particle pollutants such as dust, smoke, fog, etc.
As a professional respirator, the KN90 respirator can capture more than 90% of particles under 2.5 μ m in the protection ability test. Although it is not as good as N95 in particle protection, the KN90 respirator is relatively comfortable.

Users may feel a little stuffy when breathing. But it will not have a great impact on outdoor travel. For some people with respiratory diseases, the KN90 respirator is also a good choice if they want to travel in a haze for a short time.

Main Features

KN90 virus mask face protective mask KN 90 N90 dust mask resistant to bacteria PM2.5 filter protective mask safe work
Please note:
1. This product is made in China
2. For best performance, the mask should be properly sealed around the nose and mouth so that all the inhaled air can pass through the filter.
KN90 mask, hygienic and practical.
Made of high quality materials, safe, soft and comfortable.
90% filtered to provide you with dust protection.
Protect you from particulate matter and pollution in the air.
Elastic straps and adjustable nose clips for different face shapes and sizes. Ideal for everyday use and outdoor activities.
PM2.5 filter protects your health!
color: White
Type: Wear ears
Material: high-quality non-woven fabric, etc.
Material: Non-woven
Standard: GB2626-2006 KN90
Protection level: KN90
Filtration rate: ≥90% (0.075μm particles)
The package includes:
20 * KN90 mask

We do not take any returns on this product due to hygiene concerns