• Quilted into four sections for an even distribution of cooling material
  • Outer shell is 100% cotton
  • Soak in cold water for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Cooling crystals go to work to keep you cool for days
  • Lightweight and comfortable, 38″ long
  • Can be worn around neck or tied as a headband
  • Unique button hole closure allows for a secure fits

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Water Activated

• COLOR: Digital Camouflage
• GENDER: Male; Female
• SIZE: 1-3/4″ Width X 38″ Long (Longest in the market)
• MATERIAL / CONTENT: 100% Cotton Outer Shell / Cooling Cyrstals Inside Shell
• Lightweight and Comfortable
• Can Be Worn On Head or Neck
• Great For All Types of Work
• Stays Cool For Days
• Unique Double Hole Cinch Closures ( Meaning 2 slits on one side end to pull other end through if needing)

• Immerse wrap in cold water for 5 to 9 minutes. (Do not overhydrate)
• Do not freeze
• Do not store in air tight container while damp as mold and mildew may occur
• Allow to lay flat or hang in open air to completely dry
• Avoid contact with salt water, gasoline, alcohol or other chemicals as these may damage cooling crystals and cause skin irritation
• Do not use harsh detergentswhile washing, hand wash in a mild soap only. Wash only after completely dry
• Only hydrate for the time specified. If over hydrated you might experience leakage of cooling material and shorten the life of the product
• Individuals with sensitive skin may develop a rash and should immediatly discontinue use. Wash the affected area immediately wit soap and water